Auto Crash Reconstruction - On Demand CLE

Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases II Part 1

Arthur C. Croft

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Auto Crash Reconstruction is Part 1 of Mastering Motor Vehicles Cases II, a three-part lecture series that contains over six hours from an advanced Trial Guides seminar dedicated to motor vehicle cases. This presentation features one of the world's leading authorities on traumatic injuries: epidemiologist, doctor, and crash reconstructionist Dr. Arthur Croft. 

Using real crash-test videos, Dr. Croft discusses how the range of potential injury is determined in a motor vehicle case, considering everything from roadway friction to glare and the angle of the sun. Dr. Croft provides a brief primer on auto crash reconstruction to help attorneys understand the available data, as well as how expert reports may be presented and refuted.

Attendees will learn:

  • Common vehicle inspection techniques used in accident reconstruction
  • The use (and limitations) of crash reconstruction software
  • How to introduce witness statements, police drawings, and autopsy reports
  • A practical application of Newton’s three laws of motion
  • How to evaluate risk as it relates to both velocity and impact
  • Medical indicators of cerebral spinal pressure, whiplash trauma, and orthostatic headaches
  • The effect of sex and bodyweight in crash severity  
  • Why change in velocity is not a reliable indicator of crash severity
  • Why you should never say “side impact” in describing your client’s crash
  • Why “accident” is an inaccurate term
  • The value of airbag control modules (aka “black boxes” or event data recorders)

Auto Crash Reconstruction offers lawyers cutting-edge information on the research behind motor-vehicle collisions and the traumatic injuries that result from them. It includes advanced elements of crash analysis and reconstruction that are rarely offered to attorneys. With content tailored to the needs of the plaintiffs’ bar, this series will help every attorney take on their next motor vehicle case with confidence. 

About the speaker: Dr. Arthur Croft PhD, DC, MSc, MPH, FACO, is a doctor, epidemiologist, and crash reconstructionist. He is considered to be one of the world's leading authorities on traumatic injuries. Dr. Croft coauthored the first textbook on whiplash and has authored or coauthored more than 350 professional papers on whiplash and other medical topics. He is a certified traffic accident reconstructionist and a former medical officer and underwater search and recovery diver for the San Diego Sheriff’s office. Dr. Croft lectures extensively across the United States and abroad, and he teaches an award-winning, four-module program on the traumatic injuries caused by auto accidents. He is the also director of the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.

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On Demand Program: 103 minutes
Original Air Date: 06/26/2019

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