Image 11921_im02: Anatomy of the Spine Illustration

Image 11921_im02: Anatomy of the Spine Illustration
Image 11921_im02: Anatomy of the Spine Illustration

Image 11921_im02: Anatomy of the Spine Illustration


This graphic includes three illustrations of normal anatomy.  The first is an oblique angle of the low back and legs showing normal peripheral nerve anatomy.  The second image is a lateral of the spine showing cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebra as well as the sacrum with associated discs and nerve roots.  The final illustration demonstrates normal lumbar spine anatomy including the five lumbar vertebra, intervertebral discs and nerve roots as well as the sacrum. Best used to demonstrate a normal lumber spine in comparison to traumatic spinal injuries demonstrated in another graphic showing the abnormalities after trauma.

Best used for demand letters or narrative reports in traumatic lumbar spinal injury cases as well as for use in mediation, arbitration or trial for traumatic low back injuries as an example of the anatomy before injury.

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