The Fearless Cross-Examiner

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The Fearless Cross-Examiner
Win the Witness, Win the Case Hardcover/ Hardcover
The New Rules of Cross-Examination
Rules of the Road Series (6 Sessions, I-VI)
Roadmap to a Winning System DVD/ CD/ Audio Digital Download
Winning Medical Malpractice Cases
With the Rules of the Road™ Technique Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Rules of the Road
A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability Paperback/ Hardcover/ Hardcover
Rules of the Road in Medical Malpractice Cases
A Trial Guides Webinar Recording DVD
Dynamic Cross-Examination
A Whole New Way to Create Opportunities to Win Paperback/ Hardcover
Trial Tactics
DVD/ Blu-Ray/ CD/ Audio Digital Download