Moe Levine on Advocacy

Moe Levine

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Moe Levine was a pioneer in educating fellow trial lawyers on trial strategy, issue framing, and the mastery of forensic medicine. He has provided inspiration to many of the nation’s leading lawyers. His ideas are timeless, and apply as much today as when he used them over thirty years ago. This collection of his publicly available lectures and trial transcripts is the most complete book ever produced on the winning strategies of Moe Levine. Since his death in 1974, the nation’s leading trial lawyers and jury consultants have passed down Moe Levine’s teachings through their own trial work. Now, for the first time in over thirty years, you can learn these winning trial strategies directly from Moe Levine.

Hardcover: 502 pages; 1st edition (2009); ISBN: 978-1934833001
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Foreword by Don C. Keenan
  2. Foreword by Russell Corker
  3. Part I: Lectures on Advocacy
  4. Percepts of Persuasion
  5. Summations
  6. Thesis of the Whole Man
  7. Damages for the Destruction of Dignity and Pride
  8. Aggravation of Prior Condition
  9. Economic Replacement
  10. Impairment of Intellect
  11. An Evaluation of Pain
  12. The Psychology of the Closing Argument
  13. Part II: Lectures on Anatomy and Physiology After Trauma
  14. Skeletal Structure
  15. Brain Injuries
  16. The Five Primary Senses
  17. The Skin, Muscles, and Nerves
  18. Psychological Injuries
  19. The Heart and Internal Organs
  20. Summation Using the 'Whole Man' Concept
  21. Part III: Lectures on Medical Malpractice
  22. Investigations and Trial of a Medical Malpractice Case
  23. Part IV: Closing Arguments
  24. Death of an Alcoholic
  25. Damages for Burns
  26. Psychological Consequences
  27. Previous Illness, Difficult Liability
  28. Unemployment, Not Disability
  29. Damages for Second Injury Resulting from First
  30. Jenny O'Neal
  31. Double Amputation Case
  32. Afterword by Louise E. Schwartz

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

Trial Guides again trumps the big guys. In this continuing era of ‘tort-reformed’ jurors, the hard lesson is that the old ways no longer work, and we need something else. So we invent new things. But no less important is the precious trove of Moe Levine’s ways. What he did and taught way back then is dead-on what we need now. How so prescient? He dwelled at the intersection of mind and heart, the place that determines the outcome of every case. And he teaches you how to live there, too.

— David Ball, Ph.D., author of David Ball on Damages

Only a handful of plaintiff’s trial lawyers have managed to claw their way to the mountaintop of full justice over and over again; only to come back down and share the secrets of their success with their colleagues. Moe Levine was one, and it is fitting that Don Keenan, another titan and teacher, should write the introduction for the most complete collection of Moe Levine’s teachings ever published. Trial lawyers everywhere can now stand on the shoulders of two giants of the plaintiff’s trial bar.

— Dennis Donnelly, immediate past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates

A trial lawyer who has not read Moe Levine is like a poet who has not read Shakespeare. You may get the job done, but you are missing out on joy and inspiration—and are not truly educated. In the past, lawyers have had to search through used book stores and libraries for bits and pieces of the wisdom Moe shared with his contemporaries. Trial Guides has pulled it all together in one book that you will return to again and again.

— Rick Friedman, author of Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case, and Becoming a Trial Lawyer. Member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and recipient of the 2004 Steven J. Sharp award