Products for Handling Motor Vehicle Cases (62)

Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit Fourth Edition Hardcover $465.00
Case Framing
Case Framing Paperback $95.00
Colossus: Lawyer Forms
Colossus: Lawyer Forms CD/Forms $125.00
Commanding the Courtroom
Commanding the Courtroom DVD/ CD From $185.00
Conducting Voir Dire
Conducting Voir Dire Paperback $55.00
David Ball on Damages 3
David Ball on Damages 3 Hardcover $145.00
Defining Earning Capacity Loss
Defining Earning Capacity Loss A Trial Guides Webinar Recording DVD $65.00
Demand Letters
Demand Letters For Auto, Trucking, Premises, Med Mal, and Other Cases DVD $695.00
Direct Examination
Direct Examination DVD $125.00
Don't Eat the Bruises
Don't Eat the Bruises How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case Paperback $125.00
Dynamic Cross-Examination
Dynamic Cross-Examination A Whole New Way to Create Opportunities to Win Paperback $95.00
Focus Groups
Focus Groups How to Do Your Own Jury Research DVD $199.00
Forensic Epidemiology
Forensic Epidemiology Principles and Practice Hardcover $129.95