Obtaining Large Verdicts in Disc Injury Cases - On Demand

Keith Mitnik

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Keith Mitnik is one of Trial Guides’ bestselling authors. His book, Don’t Eat the Bruises, has helped thousands of lawyers improve their effectiveness in front of a jury. His associated audio and video recordings complement the material in his book.

This video addresses a new method that Mitnik and his firm use to substantially increase the value of disc injury cases. The method has proven effective before juries, resulting in multiple million-dollar verdicts in areas where such verdicts would not be expected. In this video, Keith addresses getting over the mental hurdle in seeking damages, reconsidering our expectations of claim value based on other lawyers’ outcomes, as well as the methods he uses during voir dire, opening, cross-examination, and closing to obtain stunning outcomes. If you handle spine injury cases, this video will empower you to obtain better outcomes for your clients. 

Obtaining Large Verdicts in Disc Injury Cases from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

On Demand Program: 89 Minutes
Original Air Date: 06/27/2019