Obtaining Large Verdicts in Disc Injury Cases

Keith Mitnik

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In this presentation, Keith Mitnik, author of Don’t Eat the Bruises, addresses a new method that he and his firm use to substantially increase the value of disc injury cases. Their method has proven effective before juries, resulting in multiple million-dollar verdicts in areas where such outcomes would not be expected. In this video, Keith addresses getting over the mental hurdle in seeking damages, reconsidering our expectations of claim value based on other lawyers’ outcomes, and the methods he uses during voir dire, opening, cross-examination, and closing to obtain stunning results for his clients. If you handle spine injury cases, this video will empower you to obtain better outcomes for your clients.

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Obtaining Large Verdicts in Disc Injury Cases from Trial Guides on Vimeo.

DVD: 89 minutes; 1st edition (2019); ISBN: 9781941007983
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Obtaining Million Dollar Verdicts in Disc Injury Cases
  2. The Process: Voir Dire
  3. Ideas for Opening
  4. Discussing Damages
  5. Preventing Problems in Deliberations during Your Closing
  6. Handling Cases Differently for Older Clients
  7. Dealing with Surveillance
  8. Cross-Examining the Defense Medical Witness
  9. Discrediting Defense Medical Witnesses in Opening
  10. Using Analogies for Low-Speed Impact Crash Cases