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Closing Argument

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David Ball on Damages 3
Hardcover/ Paperback/ Paperback
Rules of the Road
A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability Paperback/ Hardcover/ Hardcover
Polarizing the Case
Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Don't Eat the Bruises
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case Paperback/ Paperback/ eBook
Trial by Human
Paperback/ Paperback
Twelve Heroes, One Voice
Guiding Jurors to Courageous Verdicts Paperback/ Hardcover
The Elements of Trial
Paperback/ Paperback
Winning Medical Malpractice Cases
With the Rules of the Road™ Technique Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Moe Levine on Advocacy
Hardcover/ Hardcover
Show the Story
The Power of Visual Advocacy Paperback/ Paperback
Grief and Loss
Identifying and Proving Damages in Wrongful Death Cases Paperback/ Paperback
Winning with Stories
Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials, Speeches and Lectures Hardcover
Theater for Trial
Incorporating the Fourth Edition of Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials Hardcover/ Hardcover
Trial by Woman
Changing Laws, Saving Lives
How to Take on Corporate Giants & Win Hardcover/ Hardcover
Premises Liability
A Guide to Success Paperback
Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Fourth Edition Hardcover
Moe Levine on Advocacy II
Hardcover/ Hardcover
The Zen Lawyer
Winning with Mindfulness Paperback
Final Arguments
Paperback/ Paperback
Who Will Speak for the Victim?
Backwards & Forwards
A Technical Manual for Reading Plays Paperback
Don't Eat the Bruises eBook
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case eBook