Closing Argument

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David Ball on Damages 3
Hardcover/ Paperback/ Paperback
Rules of the Road
A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability Paperback/ Hardcover/ Hardcover
Polarizing the Case
Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Don't Eat the Bruises
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case Paperback/ Paperback/ eBook
Twelve Heroes, One Voice
Guiding Jurors to Courageous Verdicts Paperback/ Hardcover
Trial by Human
Paperback/ Paperback
The Elements of Trial
Paperback/ Paperback
Winning Medical Malpractice Cases
With the Rules of the Road™ Technique Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover
Moe Levine on Advocacy
Hardcover/ Hardcover
Show the Story
The Power of Visual Advocacy Paperback/ Paperback
Winning with Stories
Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials, Speeches and Lectures Hardcover
Grief and Loss
Identifying and Proving Damages in Wrongful Death Cases Paperback/ Paperback
Theater for Trial
Incorporating the Fourth Edition of Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials Hardcover/ Hardcover
Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials
Trial by Woman
Changing Laws, Saving Lives
How to Take on Corporate Giants & Win Hardcover/ Hardcover
Premises Liability
A Guide to Success Paperback
Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Fourth Edition Hardcover
Moe Levine on Advocacy II
Hardcover/ Hardcover
The Zen Lawyer
Winning with Mindfulness Paperback
Final Arguments
Paperback/ Paperback
Who Will Speak for the Victim?
Backwards & Forwards
A Technical Manual for Reading Plays Paperback
Don't Eat the Bruises eBook
How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case eBook