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Aaron DeShaw

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Colossus: Lawyer Forms
CD/Forms/ Digital Download
Colossus: Physician Forms
CD/Forms/ Digital Download
Traumatic Injuries
Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases
Overcoming "Minor Impact" Defenses in Auto Cases
A Trial Guides Webinar Recording DVD
Colossus: Understanding Auto Insurance Claims
(Physician) DVD
Mastering Personal Injury Cases
A Physician Conference Recording DVD
Writing Demand Letters for Paralegals - On Demand
On Demand Program
Overview of Traumatic Brain Injuries - On Demand CLE
On Demand Program
Discrediting the Fake Bad Scale - On Demand CLE
On Demand Program
Spinal Injury Cases Package - On Demand CLE
Sessions 1-6 On Demand Program
Maximizing Settlement Values and Demand Letters
An Interview and Q&A with Aaron DeShaw Audio Digital Download
Mastering Personal Injury Cases - On Demand
A Physician Conference Recording On Demand Program
Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases - On Demand
On Demand Program
Traumatic Injuries - On Demand
On Demand Program