$9 million verdict using Rules of the Road

The Rules of the Road technique proved itself again last week in a trial in Roanoke, Virginia. After only four hours of deliberation at the end of a two-week trial, a jury that included a health care provider (a cardiac catheter lab technologist) returned a verdict of a combined $9 million for a brain-injured baby and the child's mother against two obstetricians and their practice group. Lead counsel for the plaintiffs was Rules of the Road coauthor Patrick Malone, ably helped by Jeff Krasnow of Roanoke. Malone and Krasnow faced a case that the defense contended was far too complex...

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NY Attorney Wins Big Using Rules of the Road Technique

Trial Guides would like to recognize trial attorney John K. Powers of Powers & Santola in Albany, NY. A longtime Trial Guides customer, John is decorated with countless awards, recognitions, and trial lawyer affiliations, but most importantly, he has a string of impressive verdicts on behalf of victims who have been seriously injured. John's most recent case is especially important because it forced a hospital to institute important safety changes to reduce future medical errors and deaths. In the case, a young, healthy mother bled to death following a C-section. The $5.2 million settlement included additional nonmonetary conditions that required...

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Young Lawyer Wins $31.5 Million Verdict

Truth and love turned out to be a powerful 1-2 combination for trial attorney Nick Rowley. At the age of 32, Rowley has tried 59 cases and seen hundreds of settlements at his offices in California, Minnesota, and Iowa. In his most recent case, tried with colleagues Alejandro Blanco and Daniel Rodriguez, truth and love meant a $31.5 million verdict for a single plaintiff. The plaintiff, age 16, suffered a brain injury with resulting left-sided hemiparesis (weakness and foot drop). The defendant driver was drunk and admitted liability, but the insurer, Fireman's Fund, refused to payout. For 25 months the...

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