Trial Guides Distributes Dr. Arthur Croft's Machine vs. Man 2

Dr. Arthur Croft Machine vs. Man 2 DVD

Trial Guides is proud to announce the distribution of Dr. Arthur Croft's Machine vs. Man 2 DVD.

The Machine vs. Man 2 DVD contains twenty-eight fully instrumented crash tests conducted by trauma epidemiologist and researcher Dr. Arthur Croft. These studies follow the twenty-five crash tests demonstrated on Machine vs. Man 1.

Most research on the types of traumatic injuries experienced during a motor vehicle crash are based upon the movement of crash test dummies or cadaver specimens, and cannot demonstrate the full extent of physiologic damage experienced by live humans.

This leaves debate about the actual impact of crash forces that do not result in vehicle damage. The purpose of this research, captured on high-speed video, demonstrates the true kinematic and biomechanical effects on live human subjects in rear end, head on, and side impact crashes ranging from 2.7-37 mph. As demonstrated in this video, most of the twenty-five crashes result in no damage to the vehicles. These videos assist triers of fact in understanding evidence regarding crash forces experienced by the plaintiff, and in determining the impact on the human body in crashes where there is little or no resulting vehicle damage. 

Meeting all factors set forth in Frye and Daubert, the research demonstrated in this video is reliable and based upon scientific methods that are sufficiently established and accepted in the crash reconstruction and biomechanical fields to be admissible.

This DVD comes with a list of the factors involved with each crash, as well as an affidavit authenticated by the researcher.