McDonald's Coffee Case movie

McDonalds' Coffee Case Documentary is Available at Trial Guides

Trial Guides is pleased to distribute the new documentary Hot Coffee about the McDonald's coffee case to the legal community:

Have you ever been burned by jurors who believe the McDonald’s coffee case is proof that you are trying to hit the “lawsuit lottery” with a frivolous lawsuit?

Hot Coffee is an important documentary exposing big businesses’ relentless attack on the jury system. The movie covers how those seeking to deny citizens a right to a fair trial launched the tort reform campaign in the mid-1980s and have continued to spend millions of dollars per year to convince the public that we have out-of-control juries, too many frivolous lawsuits, and a civil justice system that needs reforming.

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The Medical Malpractice Myth - a book on medical malpractice injuries and tort reform

Medical Malpractice Myths and "Tort Reform"

The Medical Malpractice Myth, by Tom Baker, Director of the Insurance Law Center at University of Connecticut, disputes common medical malpractice myths (often central to tort reform legislation campaigns) with facts. The book provides research proving the following:

  • Medical malpractice is an epidemic and a leading cause of death in the US
  • Medical malpractice suits are rare, and are very rarely frivolous
  • Malpractice insurance premiums aren't unreasonably high
  • Rising insurance costs are not closely related to litigation
  • Doctors are not leaving their practices as a result of negligence claims
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The Medical Malpractice Myth

The Medical Malpractice Myth Recommended by ATLA

If you face tort reform, or non-economic caps in your state, you need “The Medical Malpractice Myth.” Author Tom Baker, widely recognized as a leading expert on insurance law, dispels myths regarding: 

  • the amount of malpractice litigation occurring; 
  • the amount of malpractice verdicts; 
  • the frivolous nature of these claims; and 
  • doctors fleeing states without caps.
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