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News — Deeper Cuts

Cutting Deep: Keith Mitnik’s Deeper Cuts

Reviewed by Ada K. Wong  Originally published in the April 2022 edition of Trial News, a monthly publication from the Washington State Association for Justice.  After a good series finale, you hold on to the hope that the producers will revive the show even though the series stands on its own. That is how I felt after reading Keith Mitnik’s Don’t Eat the Bruises a few years ago – wondering and hoping that he will author another great book. Like any great producer, he came out with another hit: Deeper Cuts. This book is meant to build on the foundation of Don’t Eat the Bruises, so...

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Deeper Cuts Book Review

Reviewed by Ezra Smith  Originally published in the Spring 2022 issue of ATLA Docket, a quarterly publication from the Arkansas Trial Lawyer Association.  Deeper Cuts is broken down into five sections. Part One: “Wisdom of the Whys” covers an introductory sweep across any “dos and don'ts” for trial lawyers. This section focuses a lot on language and ways attorneys can and should rethink the essential facts of their case. Part Two: “Powerful New Trial Tools” covers many parts of a trial. I found its examples and sections comparing potential verbiage to be extremely helpful and illustrative. The examples can be long, but they...

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$1.1 Million Outcome on $11k Offer Using Lessons from Keith Mitnik & Nick Rowley

Lori Tolle is a former Deputy District Attorney for Jefferson County, Colorado. She was at the DA’s office for ten years, five of which she spent in the Crimes Against Children unit. After taking a break from lawyering from 2011 to 2019 to spend time with her kids, she returned to practice in 2019 as a plaintiff's attorney at the office of Fuicelli & Lee. On the recommendation of Keith Fuicelli, Lori began consuming content by Keith Mitnik and Nick Rowley. Here is what happened: From my initial entry into civil practice, Keith Fuicelli sang Keith Mitnik's praises (as well as...

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