Dynamic Cross Examination Jim McComas Trial Guides

Winning Hard Cases with Dynamic Cross-Examination

Book Reviews of Case Analysis and Dynamic Cross Examination: If you do not buy, read, and re-read Case Analysis and Dynamic Cross-Examination after hearing Rick Friedman describe the method they explain as the "biggest break of my legal career," then nothing I could say will make you do so. And yet there are many more reasons to read them!
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Dynamic Cross Examination Jim McComas

Dynamic Cross-Examination reviewed in the Champion

Book Review of Dynamic Cross Examination: Imagine a book that explains how Bob Dylan strung his lyrics together, or one that reveals how Hank Aaron could distinguish in a millisecond a fastball from a curve. Those books remain to be written, but McComas has given attorneys the equivalent in the area of trial practice.
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Case Analysis Jim McComas

Case Analysis reviewed in The Champion

Book Review: Cases are won and lost long before trials begin. A lawyer begins earning a not guilty verdict the moment the lawyer takes the case. The ability to perform well is intricately connected to the process of Case Analysis. It is an art that author James McComas honed as a public defender. Through this book, he passes this critical methodology on to each reader.
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