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Becoming a Teiwaz Lawyer with Rick Friedman

Reviewed by Jamie Cogburn Originally published in the July/August 2021 edition of The Advocate, a publication from the Nevada Justice Association  Recently I read "The Way of the Trial Lawyer" by Rick Friedman. Rick is one of the best trial lawyers in the nation, so I don’t need to recite his resume in this article, not to mention it would take up at least 20 pages. Rick’s new book takes a new approach to handling a plaintiff’s case, and it was truly enlightening and earth shattering to our mission as plaintiffs’ lawyers. In his book, Rick explains three types of persuasions: Logos,...

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Book Review: The Way of the Trial Lawyer by Rick Friedman

Reviewed by Peter Trieu Originally published in the Spring 2021 issue of The Barrister, a quarterly publication from the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers' Association (ACTLA).  One of my favorite classes in law school was “the law and ethics of war and warfare”, taught by Professor Mark Reiff. I remember Professor Reiff telling us that his “war and warfare” class, in particular, is one of the most practical classes we’ll take in our LLB program and it will help us think about how to practice law. At first, I was skeptical about Dr. Reiff’s claims. How could discussions about the use...

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Harnessing Moral Energy: Rick Friedman’s new book teaches The Way of the Trial Lawyer

Reviewed by Beth Bloom Originally published in the July/August 2021 edition of Trial News, a monthly newspaper from the Washington State Association for Justice. Law school teaches us to be tacticians. To think like a lawyer means to identify the relevant facts and apply the law to those facts in a way that supports our client’s interest. A skilled advocate can argue either side of a case. The personal values and emotions of the individual lawyer are irrelevant. Or so we are told. This is the zealous lawyer’s code. Yet after presenting a logical, rational, and compelling case, good lawyers still lose....

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