Resolving ERISA Liens Live Webinar CLE

Resolving ERISA Liens Live Webinar CLE

Resolving ERISA Liens
60-Minute Continuing Legal Education Webinar
January 17th, 2013

Matt Garretson

Since the Supreme Court’s 2006 decision in Sereboff, claims made by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) qualified plans against third party recoveries has been a growing area of attention for trial attorneys and their clients. While these plans can create strong rights of reimbursement, it is essential to understand how and when these rights are created. Furthermore, in the wake of the Sixth Circuit’s 2009 opinion in Longaberger v. Kolt, the obligation of an attorney to an ERISA plan has been a hotly contested area. Get the latest decisions on this and other important areas of ERISA.

Resolving ERISA Liens will include:

  • Identifying an ERISA claim: How can your firm identify these claims and determine applicable law?
  • Plan funding status: Why does this matter and how can it be determined?
  • Attorney and client obligations: Who has the obligation to an ERISA plan and what recourse is available to the plan?
  • Equitable defenses and current trends: What defenses and new developments in ERISA cases should your firm be aware of?