Jim Perdue's Who Will Speak for the Victim comes to Trial Guides

Who Will Speak for the Victim

Trial Guides is proud to provide Jim Perdue's Who Will Speak for the Victim to its customers.  The book has often been out of print, and difficult to obtain, but is in stock at Trial Guides. 

Who Will Speak for the Victim is a practical book for practicing lawyers. Special chapters address methods of arguing liability and damages in various types of personal injury cases, emphasizing the most effective approaches to relating the evidence and argument to the specific questions the jury must answer. If you primarily represent defendants, you will also find it helpful to review techniques the author describes to encourage large verdicts. But the extraordinary thing about this book is that all the practical tips from basic forensic principles to how to help jurors develop a positive perception of your client are couched in a cogent wit that is highly entertaining. The author of this book is Jim M. Perdue, a member of the Inner Circle of Advocates.

Every trial lawyer will be entertained and enlightened by Who Will Speak for the Victim? Although it is written by a personal injury plaintiff’s lawyer from that perspective, defense counsel, as well as lawyers engaged in business, corporate, and family law litigation, will find that many of the concepts and principles this book discusses apply equally to their diverse specialties.

Dozens of accounts of actual courtroom scenes illustrate jury persuasion and argument techniques that work—and those that don’t. Basic forensic principles, such as posture, movement, vocal tone and pitch, and verbal content, are explored in these instructive pages, along with more advanced techniques like the art of subliminal persuasion. This readable book will help every trial advocate not only to develop more compelling arguments but also to present summations that are entertaining and provocative.

For the plaintiff’s advocate, special chapters address methods of arguing liability and damages in various types of personal injury cases. The last four chapters present complete summations, taken from actual cases, that tie together the techniques and concepts that are explored separately in earlier chapters.

Reviews of Who Will Speak for the Victim:

“An extraordinary book. Mr. Perdue has spent his entire professional life making an in-depth study of courtroom advocacy and the art of persuasion. In Who Will Speak for the Victim? Mr. Perdue shares his extensive knowledge with those who aspire to be better trial lawyers.” - Stanley B. Binion - Baker, Brown, Sharman & Parker, Houston

“Who Will Speak for the Victim? represents the best collection of a trial lawyer’s thoughts on effective jury communication that I have seen. This book will be helpful to a trial lawyer at any stage of his or her career.” - Frank L. Branson, Law Offices of Frank L. Branson, Dallas

“A must reading for all trial lawyers. This masterful work will be invaluable to all who enter the courtroom, regardless of their area of practice. Every trial lawyer will wish to make this volume part of his or her law library.” - Honorable Eugene A. Cook, Justice Supreme Court of Texas

“In these instructive and entertaining pages, author Jim Perdue distills a wealth of trial experience and presents a superbly crafted work that will benefit the novice and the seasoned trial lawyer alike.” - James B. Sales, Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston

“Rarely are books for lawyers both educational and entertaining. Who Will Speak for the Victim? meets each of those criteria. Even rarer is the opportunity to learn the "tricks of the trade" from a trial master.” - Terry O. Tottenham, Fulbright & Jaworski, Austin