Fireside Chats Discontinued… New Learning Platform to be Launched 2019

Fireside Chats Discontinued… New Learning Platform to be Launched 2019

A message from Trial Guides Director of Digital Marketing

Last year, we launched the Trial Guides Fireside Chats Series, a series of live video interviews  with Trial Guides authors that explored their insights and methods. We were so very pleased that our customers found these videos interesting and valuable in a way that provided further context into the techniques and processes our authors conduct in and out of the courtroom.

In fact, our customers enjoyed our videos so much, we are launching a new streaming video learning platform later in 2019. This new service will bring you not only more on demand interviews with our authors, but also accredited sessions to provide applicable CLE credits. .

In the interim between the launch of our new interactive learning platform later this year and the present, and all of the Fireside Chat videos on social media (YouTube, Vimeo, ect.) have been taken down. Many of these videos will be available when we launch our new learning platform, and we appreciate your understanding as we work diligently to produce this new service that is sure to enrich the lives of many of our customers, near and far.

In the meantime, we have recently partnered with the Trial Lawyer Nation Podcast. A program that often features our authors and is now providing special discounts on Trial Guides products to their loyal audience. Their most recent episode featured Trial Guides author Keith Mitnik, and was released on March 1, 2019. They have interviewed several of our authors in the past as well, such as Michael Leizerman, Randi McGinn, Joe Fried, Joshua Karton, and Artemis Malekpour. (Please click on any of their names to be taken to their interview.)

We truly appreciate all of the great feedback on our videos and products. We will continue to develop, produce, and deliver expert-level video content to meet the ever growing needs of our expanding customer base. We are so excited to roll out our new interactive learning platform later this year.