Mark Romano

Mark Romano


Key Facts


Mark Romano is an expert in claims’ injury evaluation software systems. He served as the top expert in the home office of Allstate and was responsible for the management, oversight and results of the Colossus evaluation software.  He has been involved with the implementation of new claims handling systems, hiring, training and managing adjusters for key roles in claims handling, authored claims best practice manuals, managed litigation staff adjusters and attorneys, and set countrywide claim evaluation standards. Mark has extensive experience in insurance claims working for over 28 years with various companies, including Allstate, CNA, Hanover, and American States.

For the past 10 years, Mark has consulted and testified for plaintiff attorneys around the country on insurance bad faith cases. He was also appointed a Director with the Consumer Federation of America in Washington, D.C. Mark has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Money Magazine, Consumer Reports and other publications. Mark received a Bachelor of Science degree in Risk Management and Insurance from Florida State University.