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Amy Hall, a nationally recognized visual trial strategist for over 17 years, exclusively serves law firms representing plaintiffs. Amy has worked on over 400 cases in nearly every state.
Amy’s approach to litigation is simple: give jurors what they need to understand, learn, remember, and care about your case. This is what visual trial strategy is all about.

Over half of the human brain is devoted to seeing and interpreting what we see. Attention, comprehension, and memory rely primarily on visual perception. In fact, it is well established that more of the brain is devoted to vision and visual processing than any other function, including language.

You can’t beat the brain at its own game. You can use what you know about the brain to increase juror understanding and retention.
Amy’s approach to visual trial strategy isn’t simply about graphics. It is a ground-up, comprehensive approach to identifying what a case is really about, distilling it to its essence, and teaching it to jurors. The result: a suite of interrelated, interdependent, and strategically-sequenced visuals to support every meaningful point in the case. Give jurors get what they need, when they need it, to reach the conclusions you want.

For 13 years, Amy worked side by side with acclaimed litigation consultant Rodney Jew. Together they developed original, highly effective visual approaches to teaching all aspects of liability and damages, a process Amy continues today through the feedback and successes of the cases she works on.

Amy’s unique strategic approach has contributed to all types of matters including personal injury, medical negligence, product defect, and fraud, as well as specialty areas such as trucking, birth injury, nursing home, and more. She has worked extensively on mass torts as well as individual cases.
She counts among her successes some of history’s largest verdicts and settlements.

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