Alex Miller

Alex Miller

Director of Digital Marketing

Key Facts

B.S. University of Oregon


Alex Miller is the Director of Digital Marketing at Trial Guides. He kickstarted his career with Trial Guides four years ago specializing in email marketing working closely with Trial Guides founder Aaron DeShaw. Alex has since overseen all aspects of email reputation and delivery technical work, deliverability maximization methods, and automated email workflows, resulting in industry leading open rates and conversion rates in campaigns delivering millions of emails. Alex has broadened his expertise studying under Trial Guides' Marketing Consultant who formerly lead a marketing division of Nike, as well as running highly sophisticated digital marketing campaigns on behalf of other publicly traded companies. Through the past four years working closely with our consultant, Alex has refined his skills on critical ways to maximize web site and digital marketing performance including web site schema, web domain reputation repair, advanced PPC campaign design and fine-tuning based upon performance, targeted social media campaigns, and much more.

Alex’s professional journey is defined by his diligent approach to campaign creation and an in-depth understanding of digital marketing within the legal industry. He has consistently delivered remarkable results for Trial Guides, surpassing the performance of leading marketing agencies in the United States.

In his role, Alex spearheads Trial Guides’ digital marketing efforts, ensuring that the organization maintains a strong online presence and engages with its audience effectively. His commitment to excellence and innovative strategies make him a very valuable asset to Trial Guides core operation as well as the Trial Guides Marketing Agency.

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