Working with Chiropractors in Personal Injury Cases - On Demand CLE

Aaron DeShaw, Peter Anderson & Matt Powell

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Recent insurance industry data from the Insurance Research Council demonstrates that doctors of chiropractic are now the leading health care providers in personal injury claims, with 40 percent of all injured parties seeking chiropractic care. In spinal injury cases, the percentage is likely even higher. Yet many lawyers still have concerns about working on cases where a doctor of chiropractic is the primary provider, and some lawyers will decline these cases altogether. But, there is a way to obtain great outcomes with doctors of chiropractic as your primary expert witness.

This program will address several issues:

  • Case outcomes with chiropractic testimony versus medical doctor testimony
  • The differences in education between DCs, MDs, other health care providers, and JDs
  • The basis of bias within the legal profession about DCs, including judges and the impact upon admissibility
  • The basis of bias within the jury pool, where it came from and how to elicit this bias in voir dire
  • Best practices in qualifying doctors of chiropractic during arbitration and trial testimony

This CLE presentation features trial lawyers Aaron DeShaw, Peter Anderson, and Matt Powell. DeShaw, a former doctor of chiropractic, will discuss statistical data looking at comparisons between trial verdicts with chiropractor testimony versus trial verdicts with only medical doctor testimony. DeShaw will also discuss how to qualify doctors of chiropractic to avoid, and defeat, evidentiary motions to limit the scope of a DC’s testimony. Lastly, he will address where the historical bias against doctors of chiropractic comes from and how to minimize its impact with the trial judge—as well as with the jury during voir dire.  

Peter Anderson and Matt Powell will address the practical methods they’ve successfully used to obtain six- and seven-figure verdicts in cases where doctors of chiropractic served as key witnesses. Anderson and Powell will also cover key issues in disclosures, voir dire, opening, and direct examination.

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On Demand Program: 116 minutes + 47 min extra & Q&A
Original Air Date: 06/03/2021

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