The Domino Theory Second Edition

Edward P. Capozzi

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The second edition of The Domino Theory has thirteen new chapters, including new examples and strategies for dealing with minor impact soft-tissue and auto crash cases, discovery, cross-examination, and damages. Capozzi does more than expand upon new ways to win your cases using the domino theory, he also shares many of the other methods he’s used to obtain hundreds of settlements and verdicts of six and seven figures in cases ranging from soft-tissue injuries to wrongful death.

In The Domino Theory, Capozzi shows how each part of your case is a domino—one step in a cause-and-effect cascade. He takes you through client intake, prelitigation, discovery, and trial and shares how to demonstrate all of the elements you need to prove a personal injury case to a jury: negligence, your client’s injuries, permanence, the preponderance of the evidence, damages, and proximate cause. Additionally, Capozzi explains how to set up your case presuit and during the discovery process to collect the facts and evidence that you’ll ultimately use at trial to prove your case.

Over the course of 48 chapters, Capozzi shares insights and ways to successfully approach the following issues and more:

  • Interrogatories
  • Depositions (including the discovery deposition of a defense medical expert)
  • Defense medical exams
  • Settlement and mediation
  • The pretrial exchange
  • Going to trial
  • Opening statement
  • Common soft-tissue injuries
  • Damages in opening statement
  • Direct examination of the plaintiff
  • Direct examination of the plaintiff’s physicians
  • Proving economic damages and past and future medical bills
  • Using demonstrative evidence to prove medical damages
  • How to effectively use objective medical evidence
  • Cross-examining defense medical experts (including preparation, qualifications, and using medical literature and the expert’s prior reports)
  • The verdict sheet
  • Summation
  • Demonstrations for auto accidents, premises liability, minor impact soft-tissue cases, damages, proving negligence against a trucking company, and cases with multiple acts of negligence

In The Domino Theory, Capozzi presents a robust framework for practicing trial law, humanizing each case, and building credibility to keep the jury invested. With discussions and examples on soft-tissue injury, car accident, medical malpractice, premises liability, and trucking cases, Capozzi provides a detailed method for obtaining just settlements and winning verdicts for your clients.

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Paperback: 316 pages; 2nd edition (2021); ISBN: 978-1-951962-13-5
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC



1. You

2. Your Client

3. Customize the Case

4. Collecting the Dominos

5. Interrogatories

6. Depositions

7. Defense Medical Exams

8. Discovery Deposition of the Defense Medical Expert

9. Settlement and Mediation Packages

10. The Pretrial Exchange

11. Going to Trial

12. Opening Statement

13. Discussing the Accident and Treatment in Opening Statement

14. The Elements

15. A Preponderance of the Evidence

16. Common Soft-Tissue Injuries

17. The Diagnosis

18. Soldiers and Tanks

19. Damages in Opening Statement

20. Proving the Plaintiff’s Case

21. Direct Examination of the Plaintiff

22. Direct Examination of the Plaintiff’s Physicians

23. Proving Economic Damages: Loss of Earnings

24. Proving Past and Future Medical Bills

25. Using Demonstrative Evidence to Prove Medical Damages

26. Objective Medical Evidence

27. Preparing to Cross-Examine the Defense Medical Expert

28. Cross-Examining the Defense Medical Expert’s Qualifications

29. A Reasonable Degree of Medical Probability: Cross-Examining Defense Medical Experts

30. The Collateral Attack: Cross-Examining Defense Medical Experts

31. Cross-Examination of a Defense Dentist

32. Cross-Examining Medical Experts with the Literature

33. Cross-Examining the Defense Medical Expert with Their Own Prior Expert Reports

34. The Verdict Sheet

35. Summation

36. Picasso and Damages

37. Disproving the Defendant’s Case

38. Adding Pre-Negligence Dominos to Disprove the Defendant’s Case

39. Making Dominos for Your Case

40. Domino Theory Demonstration One: Auto Accident

41. Domino Theory Demonstration Two: Auto Accident Including Damages

42. Domino Theory Demonstration Three: Premises Liability

43. Domino Theory Demonstration Four: Proving Proximate Cause of Lost Wages

44. Domino Theory Demonstration Five: Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases

45. Proving Negligence against a Trucking Company

46. Proving Proximate Cause with Two Consecutive Acts of Negligence.

47. Domino Theory Demonstration Six: Two Consecutive Acts of Negligence

48. The Agony of Defeat



About the Author

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

This second edition is not just a cosmetic makeover; it’s justified and necessary. Along the way of expanding its use to every element of trial, Ed shares his other methods with which he gets his frequent and enviable verdicts. And as you read what he’s done, you’ll find yourself thinking up your own new ways to use them. Dominos will even help you evaluate cases before deciding whether to take them, as well as demonstrate the persuasive power of your case in mediations and negotiations, and also help bring your clients onto your wavelength regarding settlement decisions and other tricky issues. […] Regardless of if you’re a beginner or an experienced master, Ed’s domino theory will better shape the logic and motivation with which jurors frame the key parts of your case. And in deliberations, it arms jurors to fight for you without folding.

— David Ball, trial consultant and author of David Ball on Damages
5 out of 5 stars Based on 29 reviews
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Eric R.
Verified Buyer
Every Trial Lawyer Needs This Book
The Domino Theory makes it easy to visualize your case and easy to explain it all clearly to the jury. We battle bogus causation arguments on so many of our cases and this book provides an easy-to-understand roadmap on how to combat those frivolous
Published date
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Nate N.
Verified Reviewer
The Domino Theory, Second Edition
This book is outstanding!! Ed Capozzi's methods are well explained, make absolute sense and are incredibly clear and easy to use. I have applied a number of the methods that he sets forth such as drawing injured portions of the body, cross examining defense
Published date
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Philip F.
Verified Buyer
The Domino Theory
Great Visual approach for trial-effective
Published date
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Christina H.
Verified Reviewer
A simple yet brilliant way to distill the complex nature of “proximate cause” into a single image that everyone understands. Ed’s book is impossible to put down. It will have you frantically highlighting practice tips, laughing about the things he had
Published date
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Todd Y.
Verified Buyer
The Domino Theory is as Good as Darwin Theory, It works
If you have ever had a causation issue, a visual way to prove your burden is using the domino theory. The author will even sell you dominoes to use if you need help creating a visual to put on the jury rail or wherever you choose in the courtroom to
Published date
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