Each Client’s Grief Is Unique – Identify It and Prove It - On Demand CLE

Robert T. Hall

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Grief is a critical component in wrongful death cases. Grief is complex and manifests uniquely in each person, sometimes in unexpected ways. As an attorney, it is vital you understand each survivor’s grief and how it can potentially impact the case.  

Join Robert Hall, one of the country’s leading attorneys specializing in wrongful death cases, and coauthor of Grief and Loss: Identify and Proving Damages in Wrongful Death Cases, as he leads you through the important aspects of understanding grief and how it can potentially impact a case. 

Hall will discuss critical elements such as how to identify potentially dangerous testimony that will need to be managed early on; and how by anticipating issues, and employing the use of a grief counselor, you can discover the underlying feelings driving those issues and turn them into some of the strongest parts of your client’s case. 

This 60-minute streaming video will cover:

  • Grief in context—who was the decedent to each survivor?
  • The cause and manner of death and how the survivors potentially contribute or interact with those facts
  • Who the surviving family members are
  • The role of the decedent in the family
  • Interactions between the survivors
  • Others outside the core family
  • Potential complications, including religion, guilt, anger, abandonment, money, remarriage, and friction in the family
  • Assessing future grief
  • Mitigating damages
  • Selecting the theme of your case
  • Preparing the survivors’ testimony
  • Preparing the survivors for settlement conferences or mediation

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On Demand Program: 60 Minutes
Original Air Date: 03/30/2022

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