Disrupt Unconscious Bias in the Legal Profession - On Demand CLE

Kelly Charles-Collins

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Every second, our brains receive millions of pieces of information. But we can only consciously process about 40 of those pieces at a time. The remaining 999,960 unprocessed bits of information result in decisions based on learned stereotypes, individual backgrounds, the environment, and personal experiences—instead of actual facts.

You might know this as unconscious bias. While everyone has it, there is a price to be paid for unconscious bias if it is not controlled or corrected. Our unconscious thoughts impact our work every day in ways we probably don’t even realize. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this program on disrupting unconscious bias, you will learn to:

  •     Identify areas in your organization where bias is most prevalent
  •     Adjust perspectives and make decisions based on facts, not stereotypes
  •     Gain practical tools to disrupt bias
  •     Create high-performing, inclusive cultures
  •     Develop a framework for effectuating change

We have the power to discover and leverage the true value of those around us and to help others do the same. But it takes more than good intentions. It takes action.

On Demand Program: 91 minutes
Original Air Date: 08/12/2020

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