Cross by Camera, Part 2: Techniques to Control the Difficult Witness - On Demand CLE

Roger J. Dodd

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Judges in courts across the US, as well as Canada and the UK, have embraced remote depositions, mediations, and non-jury trials. Zoom, Webex, and other remote platforms are here to stay. But, how do you control a difficult witness when both of you are not in the same room as the witness or jurors?  In this 60-minute cross examination CLE, internationally renowned trial lawyer Roger J. Dodd teaches successful cross-examination strategies and shows how you can easily apply them in a remote setting. 

In part two of the Cross by Camera CLE series, Dodd covers several important topics, including:

  • 21 additional ways to control difficult witnesses
  • The importance of being a better listener
  • How to incorporate looping into your practice
  • Advanced looping: double loops and spontaneous loops
  • What does and doesn’t work well on zoom
  • Using elimination to get to the truth

This award-winning cross examination CLE content is professionally edited into a tight, one-hour presentation and is designed to be adapted to your local procedures.

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On Demand Program: 60 minutes
Original Air Date: 01/08/2021

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