Using Decision Science in the Courtroom - On Demand CLE

R. Rex Parris

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Join esteemed trial attorney, R. Rex Parris as he discusses how to effectively persuade a judge or jury to compensate your client for all of their losses. Parris has achieved outstanding results in the courtroom over the span of his career—he obtained the first million-dollar verdict in California’s Kern County as a young lawyer and, years later, obtained a historic, record-breaking defamation jury verdict in Los Angeles for $370,000,000. In between, Parris has obtained dozens of seven-, eight- and nine-figure verdicts and settlements. Parris’s success is hardly happenstance—he prepares every case for trial using the latest science in persuasion skills. Everything from metaphor choices, word selection, and visuals are tested and re-tested before each trial.

Parris has spent over 30 years studying cognitive science and finding innovative ways to bring this science to the courtroom. During this webinar, Parris will demonstrate how persuasion is not a competition, but a science. Parris believes that anyone who has the ability to graduate from law school has the ability to learn the specific skill sets that great trial attorneys utilize. Over the course of 90 minutes, he will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Why it is essential to simplify your case
  • How to simplify your case
  • Why jurors believe professional witnesses
  • How you discredit the expert witness
  • Why conservative and liberal jurors see your case differently 
  • How to try your case to the jury you have, not the jury you wish you had
  • How to persuade conservative jurors to give fair compensation
  • How we change minds
  • When to use metaphors
  • How to control your fears in the courtroom
  • How to bond with a witness

Join us for this 90-minute program where you, too, can learn the methods Parris has so successfully used for his clients.

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On Demand Program : 116 Minutes plus 26 minutes of Q&A
Original Air Date: 03/30/2021

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