All the King’s Horses: Storytelling in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases - On Demand CLE

Deborah Chang

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Traumatic brain injury cases are common for any attorney who takes personal injury cases and these cases present their own unique challenges. How do you communicate an injury to your jury that they cannot see? How do you make sure your jury awards proper damages for an injury they might not understand? Join trial lawyer Deborah Chang as she teaches you how to find and tell your client’s story in trial.

This 90-minute presentation will include discussions on the following topics:

  • Seeing what is invisible: traumatic brain injuries in both adults and children
  • Preparing the jury for the invisible injury
  • Finding and telling your brain injured client’s story
  • Handling the plaintiff at trial
  • Necessary witnesses and exhibits
  • Before and after: understanding the damages

Deborah Chang has successfully received millions of dollars in compensation for brain injury plaintiffs including a $160 million verdict for a victim injured at a nightclub. She has made a name for herself by regularly achieving record breaking verdicts across the country in complex and high profile cases. She is one of the founding members of the Athea Trial Lawyers and is also a partner at Chang Klein LLP.

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On Demand Program: 90 minutes
Original Air Date: 12/14/2021

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