There are several states for which credit is only available via reciprocity rules. Please check the section for your state to see what additional steps you will need to take in order to receive credit in your jurisdiction. This is simply meant as a guideline, as rules are subject to change, please follow up with your jurisdiction to make sure the information is still accurate. 

Materials you may need:

Agenda - Available for all programs and lists the original air date, timed agenda, faculty, and description of the program. For download instructions, click here

Educational Materials - Available for all programs, For download instructions, click here

Certificate - Once you have completed the interactivity requirements you can access your certificate. For download instructions, click here


Alaska Bar members may claim credit for attending out of state CLEs if the program was accredited by any other MCLE jurisdiction. All credits are calculated on the 60 minute hour. Active Bar members are responsible for maintaining a record of all CLE activities completed. The record may be any documentation, including contemporaneous journal entries or timekeeping entries, whether paper or electronic, that serves to establish that the member earned the credit hours. Active Bar members shall maintain records of CLE hours for the two most recent reporting periods, and these records shall be subject to audit by the Association on request.


If an organization’s MCLE program or course has been approved by the authority authorized to approve MCLE courses in another jurisdiction, then the organization’s MCLE course is automatically approved in Connecticut. An attorney may attend legal education courses provided by any state, local, regional or special interest bar association in Connecticut or any regional or national bar of another state or territory of the U.S. or the District of Columbia; any private or government legal employer, any court of this or any other state, and/or any other non-profit or for profit legal education providers. These include law schools and other providers, including, but not limited to, courses remotely presented by video conference, webcasts and webinars. Attorneys in CT do not need to submit any materials to receive MCLE credit. All they are required to do is to certify completion with their MCLE requirements on their annual attorney registration form.


An active member who attends and completes an out-of-state CLE course or activity that has been approved for credit by a jurisdiction listed on the HSBA list of approved jurisdictions may claim the CLE credits from the course or activity without seeking prior Board approval for the course or activity. If a program has been approved for CLE in an HSBA Approved Jurisdiction, the attorney’s certificate of attendance from the program is their proof of credit, and the certificate should show what jurisdiction the CLE was approved in.

  • Hawaii attorneys should save the approved jurisdiction page for the program they attended. (Found under the accreditation tab on the product page)


    Montana will honor the approval given by other CLE jurisdictions on a case-by-case basis. To claim credit, attorneys should submit documentation of the other state's approval to the Montana Commission of CLE at Examples of acceptable forms of documentation include attendance certificates, program flyers, print-outs from the sponsor's website, etc.

    • Montana Attorneys should save the approved jurisdiction page for the program they attended. (Found under the accreditation tab on the product page)
    • They should also provide the program agenda

    New Jersey

    New Jersey attorneys who are satisfying the CLE requirement of another mandatory CLE state or who take courses approved for CLE by another state will receive 1:1 credit for courses approved in that jurisdiction through reciprocity. However, attorneys should be aware that there are differences in requirements from state to state. Attorneys relying on reciprocity must ensure that they are also meeting the requirements of New Jersey's program. For example, New Jersey requires that four credits be taken in courses related to ethics, professionalism and/or professional responsibility. In addition, half of the required credits must be earned from attendance at live courses with the instructor physically in the same room as the participants. A course taken that has not been approved in a mandatory CLE jurisdiction will not have the benefit of reciprocity. 

    • New Jersey Attorneys should save the approved jurisdiction page for the program they attended. (Found under the accreditation tab on the product page)

      New York

      If your live, classroom-format program is held outside of New York State, and it is accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction, members of the New York Bar may apply the CLE credit earned towards their New York CLE requirement, so long as they obtain the necessary documentation as outlined in section 6 of the Regulations and Guidelines. New York attorneys may claim credit for completion of nontraditional format programs (audiotape, videotape. online courses, etc.) only if they can provide proof of independent sponsor verification of their participation in the program along with the other required documentation.

      An attorney claiming credit for an out-of-state course must retain the following documentation for a period of at least four (4) years:

      EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS (admitted to the New York Bar for more than two years)

      • proof of attendance from the course sponsor 
      • proof of accreditation by at least one of the New York Approved Jurisdictions listed above
      • proof that written course materials were made available
      • proof that the faculty included at least one attorney in good standing
      • for nontraditional-format courses (online, DVD, teleconference, etc.), proof of acceptable attendance verification
      • New York attorneys should save the approved jurisdiction page for the program they attended. (Found under the accreditation tab on the product page)
      • You should also retain the program agenda
      • You should also download and retain the following: interactivity detail


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