Do you get cases referred by other lawyers? Do you get referrals from doctors? Would you like to reward a hard working associate or paralegal that you want to excel in the coming years? No matter who you are buying professional gifts for this year, Trial Guides provides gifts that can provide years of benefit to the recipient.

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Our products for more advanced attorneys teach the most successful methods for picking a jury, crafting timeless stories for trial themes, discrediting defense witnesses in cross-examination, and how to fine-tune each and every other aspect of their practice.

For law students and young lawyers, we have products that teach fundamental skills such as how to try their first few cases, take depositions, write compelling demand letters, and other skills that will give them the keys to success.

Our products for doctors teach treating doctors about the insurance claims process, the importance of accurate and complete charting, how to diagnose and support more significant injuries that may otherwise be missed, and how their role will impact both settlement and trial outcomes. For more on Trial Guides products for doctors see our new “Discovery” page for doctors. Our products have the ability to change a career and keep you in the recipient’s mind for years to come.


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