Moe Levine’s Practice and Strategies

An Interview and Q&A with William Barton & Russell Corker

William Barton & Russell Corker

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Join William Barton & Russell Corker as they dive into the lessons they’ve learned from Moe Levine’s practice and strategies and talk about how you can integrate those lessons into your own practice. They start with a brief history of Moe Levine and why he was such a significant contributor to the world of personal injury and, specifically, medical malpractice cases. 

They then discuss what trial lawyers can learn from Levine to help improve their practice, discussing topics such as:

  • How to make arguments that respect human nature
  • How Levine’s sincere conviction came from the fact that he only took cases he sincerely believed in
  • There is no situation that a trial lawyer cannot reframe if they think about it long enough
  • Levine was an effective trial lawyer, because of the things that he suffered in his own life, he had the ability to feel empathy for his clients
  • The idea of the whole man--when you injure a part of the person it affects the whole person--an injury to a part is an injury to the whole
  • Anything less than full justice is injustice 
  • The jury is the conscious collective of the community
  • Why what you leave a person with is more important than what you take from them
  • How the collective decision process is different than the individual decision process
  • How to empower a jury
  • The ripple effect an injury has on family and friends
  • How to gain experience with the golden age of trial being over
  • Why depositions are a great place to hone your skills

Corker and Barton also take audience questions on a range of topics, such as:

  • Additional examples of empowering the jury during closing arguments
  • How Levine would handle the polarization of our modern society
  • Using the reasonable man instead of the magic words “conscience of the community” to convey Levine’s explanation of the jury’s role
  • What Levine would focus on in a twenty-minute voir dire session
  • Recommendations of what to read to improve your practice--not just trial books
  • Tips and thoughts about mental and physical self-improvement
  • Levine’s summation on representing the elderly--the golden years--and how Corker and Barton have applied it in their cases
  • Levine’s soft-spoken delivery style
  • How did Moe Levine learn and how did he stay sharp
  • Thoughts on Levine’s approach to challenges for cause and developing any bias a prospective juror may have
  • How would Levine address the reason for a monetary award as compensation for injuries
  • Voice control
  • How to overcome fears of losing

This discussion between two great trial lawyers illustrates the power of Moe Levine’s timeless and revolutionary lessons on trying cases. This presentation will not only teach you practical skills to take into your next case, but will inspire you to find passion and meaning in your practice. 


*This interview was originally offered to customers as part of our Trial Guides LIVE Fireside Chat series. The content has been remastered and edited for brevity and clarity.
Audio Digital Download: 113 minutes; 1st edition (2020)
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
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