Summation of a Wrongful Death Case (Audiobook)

Robert T. Hall

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From Robert Hall, noted wrongful death attorney and author of Grief and Loss: Identifying and Proving Damages in Wrongful Death Cases, comes a rare and special learning tool: a recording of a wrongful death summation delivered by Hall himself. This forty-minute closing comes from the case of a young woman killed in an auto accident. There were no medical expenses or lost income claimed and funeral expenses were excluded from evidence, yet the jury delivered a million dollar verdict for the family's noneconomic, emotional damages.

This closing argument complements the ideas and theories taught in Grief and Loss. With this audio CD, discover how delivery, poise, and passion can communicate to a jury the concepts contained in the book. Hall's summation exemplifies how a death in the family is a death of the family, and how the loss of a loved one is a lifelong, life-altering experience. Learn also as Hall explains to the jurors why they must put a dollar value on death.

CD: 39 minutes; 1 disc; 1st edition (2010); ISBN: 978-1934833308
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc [39:01]

  1. Summation
  2. Summation
  3. Summation
  4. Summation
  5. Summation
  6. Summation
  7. Summation
  8. Summation
  9. Summation
  10. Summation
  11. Summation
  12. Summation

Total running time: 39 minutes

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