How to Talk to Conservatives

Paul Byrd

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As a plaintiff’s lawyer, one of your most difficult tasks is facing conservatives who don’t like lawyers, lawsuits, or people who seek compensation for a loss. In many jurisdictions, you face so many conservatives biased against you and your client that you can’t take them all off for cause. What if you could differentiate conservatives who believe strongly in the personal value of life and liberty, value the constitutional right to civil jury trial, and who will punish rule breakers; from those who are truly the worst for your case? Then once you have your jury, how can you present your cases in a way that appeals to the conservatives who will support the core values behind your case?

The same anti-lawyer and anti-lawsuit bias applies when lawyers face tort reform and anti-consumer laws in state legislatures and congress. If we understand the unique conservative values that are important, we can reframe our message to help representatives and senators understand why upholding the Seventh Amendment, and putting people before profits in legislation, reflects better on their values and the values of their constituents.

In this video, Paul Byrd—one of America’s leading conservative trial lawyers—helps you understand the three types of conservatives and how you can frame your position in a way that better appeals to conservative values. He teaches you that when conservatives understand the truth about the values you represent, they will find value in your clients and in your cause.




Paul Byrd breaks conservatives down into three major groups and discusses their core values.


DVD: 70 minutes; 1 disc; 1st edition (2016); ISBN: 978-1941007655
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [01:10:00]

  1. The Conservative Values Supporting the Right to a Civil Jury Trial
  2. The Three Types of Conservatives
  3. Blue Blood Conservatives
  4. Blue Collar Conservatives
  5. Family Value Conservatives
  6. Libertarian Conservatives
  7. Federalist Paper 51
  8. Fighting Tort Reform: State Rights to Jury Trial
  9. Damage Caps

Total running time: 1 hour, 10 minutes