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Keith Mitnik

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As senior trial counsel for the nation’s largest plaintiff firm, Morgan & Morgan, Keith Mitnik’s methods have been battle-tested in every type of case from small auto cases to eight-figure medical malpractice cases—not to mention business litigation, entertainment law, and tobacco cases. In just under five hours, Mitnik provides a plethora of cutting-edge insights and tactics you can begin immediately adopting in your next case. Mitnik discusses cross-examination, voir dire, opening statement, closing argument, information management, and damages models that will help you confidently seek maximum justice for your clients.

This lecture expands upon concepts in his book, Don’t Eat the Bruises, and addresses the following topics and more: 

Mitnik on Voir Dire (81 Minutes)

  • Getting jurors to self-identify their bias
  • Using analogies to maximize challenges for cause
  • Becoming comfortable discussing damages
  • Discussing noneconomic damages in voir dire
  • Discussing the burden of proof
  • Putting surveillance in context before the jury sees it

Mitnik on Tort Reform and Early Trial Challenges (60 minutes)

  • Addressing invisible injuries with jurors
  • Handling cases with little to no property damage
  • Selecting powerful words and introducing recognizable phrases in opening statement

Mitnik on Cross-Examination and Analogy (64 Minutes)

  • Foreshadowing cross-examination in voir dire and opening
  • Admitting your client's pre-existing conditions
  • Dismantling the defense’s attack on letters of protection
  • Asking winning questions in your direct examinations

Mitnik on Storytelling Before and During Trial (82 Minutes)

  • Addressing invisible injuries with jurors
  • Handling cases with little to no property damage

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On Demand Program: 287 minutes
Original Air Date: 04/07/2018