Essays on Advocacy

Theodore I. Koskoff
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Theodore I. Koskoff revolutionized the art of trial law. Never afraid to take risks, Koskoff made a name for himself defending the disadvantaged against big business. In Essays on Advocacy, he offers his proven techniques to help you refine your strategies and win tough cases.

This inspirational guide presents concrete strategies for:

  • creating a sense of drama and using the intricacies of language to persuade jurors
  • effectively communicating your client's pain and suffering
  • making witness testimony work for your case
  • recovering from an unexpected courtroom crisis
  • turning a setback into an advantage

In this series of eloquent and thought-provoking essays, Koskoff reveals how to develop the qualities and skills you need to successfully advocate for your clients and consistently win your trials.

  1. Foreword by Michael Koskoff
  2. Cerebration
  3. The Psychology of Persuasion
  4. Crisis in the Courtroom
  5. Pain, SUffering, and Disability
  6. Cross-Examination
  7. Closing Argument

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Publisher Trial Guides, LLC, AAJ
Paperback 138 pages; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833506
  1. No one had a better gift of advocacy then Ted Koskoff. This book gives practical advice and illustrations of advocacy at its best from one of our great trial lawyers of the century. Required reading for any trial lawyer who wants to become a great advocate.
    —Paul N. Luvera, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates, founder and past president of the Damage Attorney’s Round Table

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