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Broken Windshield

$21 Million Verdict in a Contested Motor Vehicle Case

June 1, 2016

Nick Rowley has done it again, this time obtaining a $21 million verdict in a contested liability motor vehicle case. The Collision Nick’s client, Danielle Laws, was a European fitness model who had just moved to California on a work visa. Humble and soft-spoken with no family and few friends nearby, the twenty-eight-year-old had just begun to make a name for herself in the states. She had lived frugally in her tiny apartment, a small motor scooter her only means of transportation. The same scooter she was driving the day Dr. Andrew Chen struck her with his Range Rover. She ... Read more »

Pillars of Justice

$15 Million Verdict on a $100K Offer

March 24, 2016

Here are the details from Benjamin Cloward: Harvey, my clients’ son and brother, was a kind and loving fifty-one-year-old who was diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. Throughout his life, his loving parents and brother had provided every opportunity possible to give him an independent life. Part of that required them to trust others to watch over and protect Harvey. First Transit is a Nevada transportation company that focuses on disabled people, and claims a world-class safety program. On July 29, 2011, Harvey boarded a First Transit paratransit bus to go to his volunteer job. There were rules that First Transit was ... Read more »