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Rick Friedman Wins $21.5 Million Verdict

November 9, 2015

Last week, Trial Guides author Rick Friedman obtained a $21.5 million verdict in a difficult traumatic brain injury case. We wanted to share how Rick obtained the outcome despite extremely challenging facts. Rick’s client was a fifty-seven-year old self-made multimillionaire on a cruise with Holland America Lines. He, his wife, and his daughter were scheduled for an eight-month around-the-world cruise. One day on the ship while he was walking through a doorway, the door closed suddenly and struck him in the head. He readjusted his glasses and moved on. Later that day, he went to see the ship’s doctor with .. Read more

Win Cases by Finding the CORE TRUTH
Michael Leizerman

September 14, 2015

After identifying the strongest defense arguments in a case and slashing away issues that are not necessary to win the case, I look for the Core Truth. This is the issue that I stress in opening and return to in each direct and cross examination, along with closing argument. I look to reduce the issues in the plaintiff’s case to as few as possible to reduce the jury’s and judge’s resistance to persuasion. The more you try to persuade, the more resistance you will encounter. This is so counter-intuitive that it can be difficult for lawyers to understand. You can .. Read more