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Preparing medical instruments for operation

$1.7 Million Verdict on A Zero Offer Case

August 24, 2016

Trial Guides congratulates Minnesota attorney Joe Crosby for his recent $1.7 million verdict in a no offer medical malpractice case. Crosby and Liz Fors, his paralegal who co-chaired the trial with him, spent six years fighting against a defense that repeatedly claimed they would never make an offer. Crosby’s client was permanently paralyzed on the right side of his face during what should have been the routine removal of a small benign tumor. Trial Guides asked Crosby if he gained any insights from this case that might help other lawyers. Crosby was kind enough to share some of the story, including ... Read more »

Broken windshield

$21 Million Verdict in a Contested Motor Vehicle Case

June 1, 2016

Nick Rowley has done it again, this time obtaining a $21 million verdict in a contested liability motor vehicle case. The Collision Nick’s client, Danielle Laws, was a European fitness model who had just moved to California on a work visa. Humble and soft-spoken with no family and few friends nearby, the twenty-eight-year-old had just begun to make a name for herself in the states. She had lived frugally in her tiny apartment, a small motor scooter her only means of transportation. The same scooter she was driving the day Dr. Andrew Chen struck her with his Range Rover. She ... Read more »