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How Nick Rowley and His Team Obtain Eight Figure Settlements

February 10, 2016

Trial Guides author Nick Rowley recently obtained a $29.25 million settlement against State Farm Insurance for a motorcyclist after State Farm rejected a policy limits demand of $1.25 million and failed to protect its insured driver from litigation. This follows a $10.25 million settlement in December and a $2,551,000 settlement within thirty days of coming into another case where the insurance company had previously refused to pay a $300,000 settlement demand. As is often the case, Nick told us that much of the credit for these outcomes belongs to the other lawyers in his office, his co-counsel, and his staff.   .. Read more

Reviewed: Keith Mitnik and John Morgan’s New Books

February 8, 2016

Book Review: Don’t Eat the Bruises, by Keith Mitnik By Philip Thomas on January 13, 2016 [Reposted with the author’s permission, you can find the original entry here.] Keith Mitnik has a job many trial attorneys would envy. As Senior Trial Counsel for the nation’s largest personal injury firm (Morgan & Morgan), Mitnik gets to try cases that other lawyers work up. Mitnik tries one to three cases per month. Don’t Eat the Bruises is Mitnik’s perspective on what works from the plaintiff’s side of the courtroom. The book is not a comprehensive trial practice book like McElhaney’s Trial Notebook. It’s also not a book .. Read more