Changing Laws, Saving Lives

How to Take on Corporate Giants & Win

Randi McGinn

Product Description

Randi McGinn, one of America’s leading trial lawyers, teaches you her innovative methods through the compelling narrative of one of her most important cases. McGinn’s experience shows you how to prevail against corporations and insurers with seemingly unlimited funds, who are willing to deploy any tactic to win. Her trials have resulted in changes in corporate and police department practices and have resulted in substantial verdicts and settlements for her clients.

Through the lens of this case and many others, Randi teaches you how to:

  • Begin every investigation by visiting the scene, where you can pick up details that no pile of reports can show.
  • Look for elements in a case that make it into a compelling story for the jury.
  • Find rules that the defendant broke, then explain them clearly to the jury.
  • Work one hundred hours for every hour in the courtroom—and line up one hundred rabbits in hats for every one rabbit the jury sees you produce.
  • Balance work, parenting, and life as a trial lawyer.
  • Painstakingly research incidents similar to your client’s to show the defendant’s pattern of negligence.
  • Find heroes and heroines, whether they’re your clients or others involved in the case.
  • Look for villains in your case story, both obvious and hidden.
  • Practice transformative law, where McGinn gives defendants in her cases the chance to make things right before trial begins.
  • Change laws at the state and local level by harnessing the force of ordinary people who are harmed.
  • Reveal an expert’s ridiculous claims in court with cross-examination techniques.
  • See through the flimflam of an expert profiler.
  • As a woman in court, dress to show the jury your intelligence and not your body.
  • Speak truth to power, and make them hear you.
  • Learn to use the advantages of being female in court.
  • Overcome an opponent that uses a shadow jury.
  • Conduct jury selection by connecting with the jurors about your case.
  • Establish the value of your client’s life by comparing it to the defendant’s life.
  • Use the lessons from competitive sports to learn how to lose, and how to win.
  • Lay your heart on the jury rail in closing.
  • Set a number you’ll agree to in settlement and stick to it—no matter what.

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a Story Worth Telling
  3. A Grandmother’s Anguished Question
  4. Standing in Your Client’s Shoes
  5. Elizabeth Garcia’s Last Workplace
  6. Finding a Violation of Safety Rules
  7. Rules from the Bloody History of Convenience Stores
  8. One Hundred Hours Work for Every Hour in the Courtroom
  9. Life on the Front Lines of an Allsup’s Convenience Store
  10. Heroes and Heroines
  11. A Hero and an Antihero Arise
  12. Uncovering the Villains in Your Case
  13. Villains in Elizabeth Garcia’s Case
  14. Beyond the Money
  15. Would Allsup’s Make a Change?
  16. Cross-Examining the Best Experts Money Can Buy
  17. Excluding the Allsup’s Expert Profiler’s Hocus-Pocus
  18. What Should I Wear in Court
  19. Speaking Truth to Power
  20. There Is No Crying in Court
  21. Seeking Justice, Not Sympathy, In Elizabeth Garcia’s Case
  22. You Don’t Know a Woman until You’ve Met Her in Court
  23. Allsup’s Attempt at Shock and Awe
  24. Finding Courageous Jurors to Be the Heroes and Heroines of Your Case
  25. Jury and Trial Highlights in Elizabeth’s Case
  26. Learning to Lose and Taking Care of Your Client
  27. A Turning Point in the Case and Closing Argument
  28. The Verdict and Its Aftermath
  29. Appendices

Additional Information

Publisher Trial Guides, LLC
Hardcover 224 pages; 1st edition (2014); ISBN: 978-1941007198
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4/15/2015 — Changing Laws, Saving Lives
Reviewed by Pat Yevics, in Bar Bulletin (April 2015), published by the Maryland State Bar Association

My mother always wanted me to be a lawyer. She used to call me a Philadelphia lawyer because no matter what she said, I usually argued with her, although I think that had more to do with being rebellious (i.e., annoying) than wanting to right some wrong or prove a point. Although I really never had any ambition to be a lawyer, I was deeply affected by the early television show The Defenders, which aired from 1961-65. Continued »

July 2015 — Seeking Social Justice
Reviewed by Abigail J. Larimer, in Trial magazine (July 2015)

In Changing Laws, Saving Lives: How to Take On Corporate Giants & Win, Albuquerque trial lawyer Randi McGinn imparts her extensive courtroom knowledge from her successful career fighting corporations and insurance companies. McGinn’s book, written for new and veteran members of the bar, is an absolute must-read for any female trial lawyer, but all trial lawyers will benefit from her wisdom and insight. Continued »

Short Reviews
  1. A riveting read! Changing Laws, Saving Lives is required reading for lawyers who not only want to help ordinary people fight powerful companies, but who want the tips on how to win.
    —Lisa Bloom, New York Times bestselling author of Suspicion Nation, and legal analyst for CNN, CBS News, and MSNBC

  2. Superb trial strategies delivered in a story like a John Grisham thriller. A must-read for any serious trial lawyer.
    —Judith Livingston, Member of the Inner Circle, Lawyer of the Year in 2011 and 2013, Best Lawyers Magazine, New York

  3. This book reads like a novel while exposing trial techniques, tactics, and strategies.
    —Roger Dodd, coauthor of Cross-Examination: the Science and Techniques, listed in Superlawyers for both Florida and Georgia

  4. One of the best trial lawyers in America has written a unique trial book – one that manages to be both entertaining and educational. The chapters on gender in the courtroom, and losing at trial are the best ever written on these subjects and alone are worth the price of the book.
    —Rick Friedman, President of the Inner Circle of Advocates, coauthor of Rules of the Road™ and The Elements of Trial

  5. Full of plain-spoken, heartfelt, and inspiring litigation techniques. Randi provides hundreds of invaluable tips on being a better lawyer, and wraps that advice inside compelling stories that stick with you.
    —Zoe Littlepage, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, and named one of America’s Premiere Lawyers by Fortune and American Lawyer magazines.

  6. This book ruined a perfectly good night’s sleep, but that was my fault for picking it up after sundown. Little did I suspect that a ‘law book’ would glue my eyeballs to every page. Suspense, awe, thrills, bad guys galore, and justice at the end. This book has it all.
    —Patrick Malone, coauthor of Rules of the Road™, author of Winning Medical Malpractice Cases, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

  7. This book will engage and inform you, whatever your level of experience. It is a rich, informative, and compelling story told by a master storyteller. No wonder her verdicts are legendary!
    —Roxanne Barton Conlin, first woman president of the AAJ, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

  8. As captivating as a legal thriller and as informative as any textbook, Changing Laws, Saving Lives is the rare work that manages to mix concrete guidance with encompassing insights—leaving the reader entertained, informed, and inspired. It is a must-read for trial lawyers, law students who aspire to join their ranks, and all those who care about the on-the-ground operation of the American civil justice system.
    —Nora Freeman Engstrom, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

15 reviews for Changing Laws, Saving Lives

  1. Allegra Carpenter


    What is the je ne sais quoi of Randi in the courtroom?

    I am so grateful that my mentor, friend, and law partner has now placed on the written page her unique philosphy and ethic of what it means to be a Trial Lawyer.

    If you are an experienced trial hound needing a dose of fire for your next case – this is the read for you.

    If you are a developing lawyer who seeks to mold your practice to the highest level of social purpose – consider this your guide.

  2. Peter Perlman

    I just had the opportunity to read the book “Changing Laws – Saving Lives”. It is written by my good friend Randi McGinn and it deals primarily with how to take on corporate giants and win. It is a fascinating book, chock-full of trial strategy and litigation techniques. Randi is a fabulous trial lawyer, and her book is an absolute necessity for anyone engaged in trial practice.

    I’d be surprised if anyone did not thank me for referring them to this resource after you have had a chance to read it.

  3. L. Darlene Weed


  4. Gregory Cusimano

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Randi is one of the very best trial lawyers in America and knows her stuff. I’ve read her papers and articles before and look forward to reviewing this book once I’ve had a chance to read it. Something else to look forward to during the holidays.

  5. mark mandell

    Randi has written one of the most enjoyable and educational books on trial advocacy I have ever read.It perfectly describes the personal qualities,lessons and ingredients necessary for success at trial.The lessons,insights and stories convey powerful meaning and guidance for all of us.Every trial lawyer should read this book.Mark Mandell.

  6. Jim Fitzgerald

    Just finished this book. Excellent. Motivating. It’s a shot in the arm for the lonely Trial Lawyer, and a roadmap to successfully representing your clients.

  7. Gregory Cusimano

    This is a great book by a great lawyer. It is full of lessons for the trial lawyer, but reads like a novel. It is most unusual to dive into a page turner and be enriched and educated at the same time!
    —Gregory S. Cusimano, Co-Originator of the Jury Bias Model,tm

  8. Brian Panish

    A fabulous book by an incredible trial lawyer and person. Randi has shown by her action in her career how we can help people and make a big difference for many people.
    She shows remarkable courage in the cases she and her firm take on. They devote whatever it takes for their clients and leave it all in the courtroom. This book does a great job showing how much we mean to our clients and to the judicial system. There is nothing like representing real people and making a difference in their life.
    Bravo Randi. It is an honor to have you as a friend.
    Brian Panish

  9. The Matthew Filipowicz Show » Blog Archive » Episode 394 with Chris Faraone and Randi McGinn

    […] We also have Randi McGinn here to discuss her new book, Changing Laws, Saving Lives: How To Take On Corporate Giants And Win. […]

  10. Walter Kubitz QC

    Awesome and inspiring book. It reads like a novel but has the insight of a top tier trial text. It was hard to put down.

  11. Jim Gilbert

    Randi’s latest piece of writing gold, “Changing Laws, Saving Laws” is a must read for trial lawyers. Her passion for storytelling is especially evident in this book. Not just by the cases she has handled and told to juries, but particularly by the way she describes them and writes about them in this book. It reads like an engaging novel you won’t want to put down, while still remaining focused on advice, strategy and best practices. I couldn’t agree more with her notion that a true attorney will devote his/her career to telling the stories worth telling. It’s important that as trial lawyers we provide our clients a voice in the courtroom and in our communities. I especially liked her chapter on cross examining experts. I’m still laughing at the image of Randi in the courtroom dressing an expert with sticky notes and a grapefruit! Great book Randi, you inspire us all.

  12. Christopher Below

    Having worked with Randi McGinn on another catastrophic injury case in the past as a paralegal, I can remember Randi telling me many of the same helpful remarks that are contained in this book. Her voir dire and opening statement in that case has served me well in my practice as a trial lawyer. Treating a trial in terms of a stage with actors, directors, screen writers and producers really helps in the practice of law by ‘telling the story’ to a jury. After all, don’t we all have a story to tell! I highly recommend this book for all trial lawyers.

  13. Mark F. Milhollin

    WOW. What a great book. Very practical and helpful, as well as extremely motivating and inspiring. The social purposes of tort law is at the forefront of the content. A great road map for young and old.

  14. Whitney Power

    WOW! Randi is a tremendous litigator, a passionate advocate, and an incredible author too. Her book “Changing Laws, Saving Lives” reads easy, is compelling, and presents an inspiring legal journey with practical legal guidance every attorney can learn from.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Louise Lipman

    I cried.
    I laughed.
    I applauded.
    I couldn’t put it down.
    Randi McGinn’s book was a page turner for me. Her passion for her work, her love of her clients and her relentless search for justice were inspiring. Her willingness to fight for what is right and just, to want to change the law to make the world safer for the next person in danger speak to my soul.

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