Working Remotely as a Paralegal - On Demand

Candess Zona-Mendola and Jory Lange

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COVID-19 caused a quick and dramatic change in the way law firms function. Overnight, lawyers, paralegals and their staff had to develop remote working systems. Zoom, client management systems, and cloud-based servers have gone from an afterthought to critical for business. Many firms are still struggling to find viable solutions, and lawyers are looking to their paralegals for ways to update their systems.

So, what are the best practices for a paralegal tasked with running a law firm remotely? What are the special considerations that legal staff must be mindful of? And how exactly do you manage a firm, and litigation cases, when you can’t interact with your coworkers?

Candess Zona-Mendola, author of The Indispensable Paralegal: Your Guide to Getting it All Done and Jory Lange, founder and principal of The Lange Law Firm, share their expertise on how lawyers can effectively lead their teams remotely. Long before it was government ordered, Candess and others at The Lange Law Firm worked remotely part-time using cloud-based firm management tools, digital record keeping, and remote management strategies. In this program, Candess and Jory offer solutions for the obstacles law firms face when making the switch and help fine tune the operations of those who have already transitioned to remote work.

On Demand Program: 96 minutes
Original Air Date: 05/08/2020

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