Virtual Law Firm Setup and Management - On Demand

Dorothy Clay Sims

Format: On Demand Program
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Dorothy Clay Sims has had a remote law firm for the last decade, and in 2019 she practiced law remotely from 10 different countries. As scary as it may seem, she is here to show you why you don’t need an office in order to have a successful law firm. A year after Dorothy encouraged another attorney to go virtual with his law firm, he reached out to let her know he had moved to Hawaii and was thriving by working remotely.

This 60-minute program will cover:

  • How to go virtual
  • How to save money by going virtual
  • How to slash overhead and reduce stress
  • Why you don’t need a physical office space—and no one will know
  • How you can benefit from hiring remote workers 
  • How to hire remote workers, including tips for advertising in states with lower wages
  • The best websites for temporary help
  • How to monitor your staff
  • The benefits of a payroll service, including cost, reduction in bookkeeping, and liability
  • A discussion of record keeping (employees from different states have different regulations)

On Demand Program: 90 Minutes
Original Air Date: 10/21/2021
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