Spinal Injury Cases, Session Five: Cross-Examining Defense Experts - On Demand CLE

Aaron DeShaw, Dorothy Clay Sims and Dr. Oregon K. Hunter

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In the fifth session on handling spinal injury cases by retired doctor and practicing trial lawyer Aaron DeShaw, Dr. DeShaw is joined by lawyer and cross-examination expert Dorothy Clay Sims. In this presentation, DeShaw and Sims will share information about cross-examining defense experts so that you and your firm can obtain better settlements and verdicts in spinal injury cases.

The following areas will be addressed:

  • Defense medical examinations and the “insurance meat grinder”
    • Using Polarizing the Case
    • Waddell’s test and other allegations of malingering
  • Researching the defense expert
  • Typical issues with the following defense experts:
    • Biomechanist
    • Crash reconstructionist
    • Neurosurgeon
    • Neurologist
    • Orthopedic surgeon
    • Orthopedist
    • Physiatrist
    • Pain management
    • Radiologist or neuroradiologist
    • Doctor of chiropractic
    • Psychologist, psychiatrist or neuropsychologist (limited to spinal injury cases)
  • Are there potential ethics violations by the expert?
  • What to ask for from the defense expert in discovery
  • Daubert or Frye motions against defense witness
  • Motions limiting testimony
  • Cross-examination of defense witnesses in deposition or trial
  • Constructive vs. destructive cross-examination
    • Traditional cross or dynamic cross
    • Using learned treatises

Additional sessions in this series will cover the following topics: 

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On Demand Program: 93 minutes + 35 mins Q&A
Original Air Date: 03/10/2021

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