Pain and Suffering in Your Cases: Effectively Using Medical Evidence - On Demand CLE

Mindy Cohen and Aaron DeShaw

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Noneconomic damages are arguably the most difficult to present and the most difficult for jurors to understand. No two people experience pain and suffering in the same way; nor will they have the same pain and suffering response to the same incident. Similarly, no two health care providers will document a plaintiff’s pain and suffering complaints the same way, and some won’t do it at all. Thus, identifying and understanding evidence of pain and suffering as a result of injury, and the care required for treatment, can be a significant issue.

In this presentation, Ms. Cohen discusses the pain and suffering damages in personal injury cases. She explains the differences between the two, where to find the evidence you need, and how to present it to opposing counsel and the jury. Joining Ms. Cohen is Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Esq. As a retired doctor and current trial lawyer, Dr. DeShaw brings a unique perspective to the topic.



On Demand Program: 89 minutes plus 41 minutes of Q&A
Original Air Date: 06/03/2020

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