Cross by Camera, Part 1: Remote Cross-Examination

Roger J. Dodd

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Zoom, Webex and other remote platforms are here to stay, and long after COVID-19. Judges in all courts across the country, including in Canada and the UK, have embraced remote depositions, mediations, and non-jury trials. They are saying remote legal proceedings are so efficient and saves so much in costs that it will be permanent. In this Cross Examination CLE, the co-author of Cross Examination Science and Techniques, Roger J. Dodd helps you build new skills to adapt to these new platforms. There are dozens and dozens of techniques and tips to adapt to the new reality.

DVD: 113 minutes; 1st edition (2020); ISBN: 9781951962081
Original Air Date 9/23/2020: Roger Dodd

Track List:

  1. Learn to Adapt
  2. Virtual Work is Here to Stay
  3. Various Online Platforms
  4. Zoom Fatigue
  5. Best Practices
  6. Technology Fails
  7. Prepare Your Space
  8. What to Wear
  9. Practice Talking with a Mask
  10. Dealing with Sweat
  11. People Are Always Watching
  12. Audio Issues
  13. Preparing Your Documents
  14. Screen Sharing
  15. Internet Speed
  16. Eye Contact & Connection
  17. Backgrounds
  18. The Camera & You
  19. Lighting & Audio
  20. Where to Look & Hand Gestures
  21. Final Thoughts