2023 Litigation Quote Calendar

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The 2023 Litigation Quote Calendar with a new quote every day, has inspiring and enlightening quotes taken from various Trial Guides products. This calendar is a fun addition to your desk or a great gift for a friend or colleague.

Sample Quotes:

"When I get involved in a case, I always ask, if we were to lose, why would it happen? What are the defense’s favorite facts? Then, I figure out how not to let that happen."

-Keith MitnikDeeper Cuts

"If you are going to make a case about economic damages, be conservative and do not overreach. List the damages out and provide supporting documentation."

-Nicholas Rowley and Courtney Rowley, Running with the Bulls

"Your website should serve as the hub for your online presence and unify all your other digital marketing efforts. If you don’t have a visually appealing, user-friendly website that’s filled with content your target audience finds helpful, there’s not much point in pursuing the other strategies we’ll discuss."

-Chip LaFleur with Steven Kent and Leigh EbromDigital Marketing for Law Firms

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