Storytelling Package

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Show the Story  (Paperback)

In this ground breaking work by attorney William Bailey and trial consultant Robert Bailey, you'll learn to create compelling visual presentations and make your cases come alive. This is more than a simple posterboard or powerpoint slide. It's learning how to tell a story in pictures—presenting the setting, the defendant, the actions, and the defendant's choices in images. What happened, and when did it happen?

The Art of Storytelling  (DVD)

Perdue teaches how trials are a contest of stories. He shows how to craft a story with a strong beginning, memorable scenes, believable characters, a logical plot, vivid action, and a moving conclusion. He then moves on to show how to maintain that story consistently through voir dire, opening statement, your case-in-chief, cross-examination, and closing.Perdue teaches you how to involve jurors in the story so they become interested in the outcome of your case. In doing so, he demonstrates how cases built upon familiar stories can overcome jurors poisoned by years of tort reform messages.

Winning with Stories  (Hardcover)

"Once upon a time ..." So begins Winning with Stories: Using the Narrative to Persuade in Trials, Speeches and Lectures, an examination of the power of the story in the art of persuasion. In this eminently readable work of sound scholarship, author Jim M. Perdue proves that the story, as our primary vehicle for learning and teaching, is as valid today as it was to our ancient ancestors.

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