Damages 3 & Rules Package

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David Ball on Damages 3  (Hardcover)

For ten years, David Ball on Damages has been America's bestselling text on proving damages. Now, David Ball on Damages 3 teaches you how to integrate the Reptile and Rules of the Road™ methods, along with new voir dire techniques, into the classic Damages method. Damages 3 provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare opening statements; how to handle cross-examinations and defense "expert" examinations; and new, key methods that explain the relationship between liability and damages.

Rules of the Road™  (Hardcover)

Rules of the Road™ is America’s bestselling text on proving liability. Since its original release in 2006, it has helped lawyers throughout the country win six-, seven-, and eight-figure verdicts in cases with difficult liability. The book is Trial Guides #1 bestselling book, is widely discussed in CLE lectures and legal Listservs by the country’s leading lawyers, and is taught in trial advocacy classes in numerous law schools.

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