2018 Litigation Quote Calendar

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The 2018 Litigation Quote Calendar with a new quote every day, has inspiring and enlightening quotes taken from various Trial Guides products. This calendar is a fun addition to your desk or a great gift for a friend or colleague.


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  1. Lecterns are tools of the devil. They are an obstacle to communication. Avoid them.
    —David Ball and Joshua Karton, Theater for Trial
  2. Jurors are not statisticians. Raw data leads to overload and boredom.
    —Keith Mitnik, Don’t Eat the Bruises
  3. The key to winning soft-tissue cases is not to make the battle their experts versus your experts; the key is to make it their experts versus the entire medical community
    —Edward P. Capozzi, The Domino Theory
  4. Jury instructions are the secret weapon of the plaintiff’s lawyer.
    —Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone, Rules of the Road