CLE Ethics Package - On Demand CLE

Sean Carter, Roger J Dodd, Rick Friedman, Randi McGinn, and Stuart Teicher

Format: On Demand Program
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The following products are included in this package:

Recognizing and Overcoming Gender Bias - On Demand CLE

Randi McGinn, the first female president of the Inner Circle of Advocates, tackles the issue of gender bias in the legal profession. Rick Friedman and Roger Dodd join in this important discussion. This powerful trio address the unique challenges presented to female attorneys, judges, and witnesses. They further provide important guidance to first recognize gender bias in the legal profession and then overcome those challenges.

Fail Better: Continuing Efforts to Eliminate Bias in the Law - On demand CLE

In this surprisingly funny program, Sean Carter will illustrate how even hidden and seemingly benign biases prevent lawyers from effectively representing clients and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.  And while these biases are somewhat unavoidable, it is possible for lawyers to "fail better" in a continuing effort to eliminate bias in the legal profession.

Tech Tock, Tech Tock: Social Media and the Countdown to Your Ethical Demise - On Demand CLE

Social media has become integrated with the practice of law, but the ethics rules are struggling to keep up. Sure, there are obvious concerns that everyone is talking about (like confidentiality), but there are hidden hazards that few people consider (our use of social media outside the office really matters). In this sometimes scary, sometimes empowering program, internationally renowned teacher Stuart Teicher, Esq. (the “CLE Performer”) will teach lawyers about the ethical dangers of using this new (and expanding) technology.

The 2018 Ethys - On Demand CLE

In the process of recapping some of the most egregious instances of unethical behavior, Mr. Carter will demonstrate how the rest of us can avoid more common ethical violations.

Modeled on traditional Hollywood awards shows, Mr. Carter selects the winners based on the likelihood that another attorney may unwittingly become a nominee in this category next year. 

Seven Secrets to Survive the Struggle with Sanity - On Demand CLE

Join "the CLE performer", Stuart Teicher, Esq., as he helps you understand the causes and risk factors of substance abuse and discusses treatment alternatives. Stuart also reveals a unique approach to prevent substance abuse and ensure long term mental health when he explains his “seven secrets to lawyer sanity.”

On Demand Program Package: 499 minutes

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