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 The Trial Guides Personal Injury Litigation Group exists to help civil plaintiffs’ lawyers improve their skills and how they handle personal injury cases in settlement, litigation, and trial. In a world of hyper-specialization, this group will help lawyers interact with other lawyers (including national specialists) to help each other excel. New lawyers, lawyers transitioning to plaintiffs’ personal injury law mid-career, and highly experienced lawyers can all interact to seek advice from others with experience in every type of subject that can impact your cases. We encourage members to post helpful briefs, orders, and other non-copyright protected material to the community library. We discourage posting about issues of regional interest such as court dockets, specific judges, and all non-legal posts. Members can exchange information on how to improve client outcomes both in settlement and in trial. Feel free to post a question to see if others may have insights on how to achieve the best outcomes in your clients’ personal injury cases. The best part is, it is free for one year.

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