Who Is ...? Season Two

David Ball interviews Lisa Blue, Mark Mandell, Courtney Rowley, Joshua Karton, Sia Baker-Barnes, Patrick Malone, and Karen Koehler

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Join David Ball for season two of his very personal interviews with some of the most influential trial attorneys in the country. Each episode, David sits down with his guest and explores who they are and what influences their success in the courtroom. Inspired by Rick Friedman’s The Way of the Trial Lawyer, David seeks to get beyond technique and into the “ethos” of each of his interviewees. The intent is to get at what drives them, their beliefs, values, goals, fears, and everything else that informs their work. 

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Lisa Blue


Mark Mandell


Courtney Rowley


Joshua Karton


Sia Baker-Barnes


Patrick Malone


Karen Koehler


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