June Recommendation Collection

The Fearless Cross-Examiner
The Fearless Cross-Examiner Win the Witness, Win the Case Hardcover/ Hardcover $135.00
Moe Levine on Advocacy
Moe Levine on Advocacy Hardcover/ Hardcover $155.00
Recovering for Psychological Injuries
Recovering for Psychological Injuries Hardcover/ Hardcover $155.00
Trial In Action
Trial In Action The Persuasive Power of Psychodrama Hardcover/ Hardcover $85.00
Theater for Trial
Theater for Trial Incorporating the Fourth Edition of Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials Hardcover/ Hardcover $147.00
The Domino Theory
The Domino Theory Paperback $95.00
Winning Case Preparation
Winning Case Preparation Understanding Jury Bias Paperback $115.00
Premises Liability
Premises Liability A Guide to Success Paperback $127.00
Moe Levine on Advocacy II
Moe Levine on Advocacy II Hardcover/ Hardcover $85.00
The Zen Lawyer
The Zen Lawyer Winning with Mindfulness Paperback $127.00